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With the power of CLETS & NCIC at your finger tips, Security Departments can finally have a professional, affordable and very powerful database application that's reliable and completely web based.

Police Departments cannot functionally operate without these applications, and on the average pay in excess of $100,000 - $500,000 to own and operate such a system. You won't even find a software solution available for the security industry without paying a few thousand dollars just to install it on one computer, let alone one that is even web based, but don't take our word for it. Google it for yourself and compare what you can do with our web based application, and the affordable price you would pay to allow your entire company to use it vs. any public safety application you can find out there. We are truely one of a kind because this application was developed by REAL Police Officers specifically for the security industry with an honest goal to implement useful, resourcesful, and real law enforcement tools and functionality.

Best of all, we are the 1st to offer a one of a kind sharing and linking feature to unify the entire security community!

  • Completely Web Based
  • Run Suspects & Vehicles
  • Upload Your Suspects
  • Upload Incident Reports
  • Manage Your Properties
  • Manage Your Officers
  • Generate Stat Reports on Properties and Your Officers
  • Share and Link Your Suspect Database with other Security Departments
  • Resourceful Tools & More ....

Additionally you can maximize your company's profits by generating statistical reports of the properties you patrol to present to property managers. Helps to identify calls for service and crimes on properties to properly staff specific locations.

Explore today. It's FREE! so you have nothing to lose.

Help revolutionize the way the Security Industry operates and experience the flexibility and power that has to offer. Solo Officers can begin using our program immediately and it's completely FREE. So register for our FREE EDITION now!


If you think your Department is ready to explore all this program has to offer, and to give your officers the safety and security to run suspects and vehicles, then register and join now with one of our very affordable subscription based plans.



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